Tsuikahô 737: On hawking

Translated by Dan Sherer and Emily Warren

As to the matter of Hawking:

Even though we have repeatedly and strictly banned this, we hear reports that violations are common. Those who are discovered {hawking} will have a portion of their holdings confiscated. When there is a complaint between housemen (such as land stewards) the punishment will be {summarily} carried out without regard to the existence of animosity {between the reporter and the accused}. Next, as to hawking for shrine offerings, even on shrine holdings, 1 this is strictly forbidden by anyone other than shrine priests. However, in the case of the heads of the Misayama festival and the Fifth Month Rite at the Suwa Shrine, 2 as this is a special case, they are exempt from the ban when in the province of Shinano. In other provinces it is forbidden. Further, as to the selling of {hawks}, it is as above. Order the Board of Retainers to diligently inform the military governors of this. Next, as to keeping hawks in Kamakura, 3 this is forbidden, as above. 4

Original Text 原文

一 鷹狩事






Kundoku 訓読

訓読 一 鷹狩たかがりの事

 度々厳制げんせいの処、あまね違犯いはんの由、其の聞こえあり。露顕ろけんせしむるの輩は、所領を分かち召さるべきなり。かつが敵対てきたい有無うむわず、地頭・御家人 相互そうごにこれを差し申すにき、其の沙汰あるべし。ついで供祭ぐさいの鷹の事、神領しんりょうたりといえども、社司しゃしの外、固くこれを停止ちょうじすべし。但し諏方社すわしゃ御射山みさやま五月会さつきえ頭人とうにんの事、他に異るの間、信濃の国においては、制のかぎりにあらず。他の国にいたりては、これを禁制すべし。次売買ばいばい在所ざいしょの事、同前どうぜん、且厳密げんみつに諸国の守護人に相触あいふれるべきの旨、侍所さむらいどころ仰沙汰おおせざたせららるべし。次鎌倉中鷹を繋ぐ事、停止すべきの由、同前、

Modern 現代語



  1. Hawks could be used to catch offerings for shrines, or what was caught could be sold to get shrine offerings.

  1. Suwa Shrine festivals were connected with hunting and associated deities.

  1. Literally, “the tying of hawks” because a cord attached to the hawk’s leg was wrapped around a bar where it rested.

  1. This entry seems to be a clarification of an earlier law (see #251) where shrine priests were permitted to do hawking. Now, this later law has clarified that only these priests in this location can hawk to supply certain rites.