Useful Online Tools

The following websites might help you in your research and teaching efforts on the premodern. If you know of a website that should be included, send us a message. 

Rekihaku Databases on a large variety of topics, including premodern pricing, image analysis, and more

Japanese Historical Text Initiative has browse-able and search many classical and medieval texts.

Online Glossary of Japanese Historical Terms compiles translated titles and words

Komonjo is a collection of translated medieval documents with images of the manuscripts organized at Princeton University

The Ônin War : Visualizing 12 Years ofWar in Japan, 1465-1478 created by Dr. Thomas Conlan

USC Edo Period Manuscripts with photographs and typescripts

PMJS (Premodern Japan Studies) for network, announcement, and publications

University of Tokyo Historiographical Institute Databases organized by the Shiryōhensanjō

Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties contains information on mokkan and archaeological finds

Tōji Hyakugo Monjo contains documents from the massive collection of Tōji, a Kyoto temple

Senshū University Databases on premodern migrants and visitors to Japan; archaeology; and East Asian timelines

Kotenseki Sketch Search where you can draw a picture and the database will try and find a matching early modern image

National Institute of Japanese Literature Databasesfor full-text searches of premodern literary works

JAANUS: Japanese Architecture and Art Net Users System on art and architecture in English

DDB: The Digital Dictionary of Buddhism in English

The SAT Daizōkyō Text Database for the Buddhist canon

Hachiman Digital Handscrolls to view Japanese hand scrolls about the karmic origins of the Great Bodhisattva Hachiman

The Mongol Invasion Scrolls at Bowdoin University for various scrolls and glossary

Kokugakuin University Encyclopedia of Shinto in English

University of Virginia Library Japanese Text Initiative contains searchable classical texts

Bibliographic Guide to Japanese Literature by Haruo Shirane at Columbia University

Archaeology newsfeed on archaeological discoveries, in English,

J-Texts for some classical works of Japanese literature in searchable format

Ritsumei Kabuki and Jōruri Database on theater, as well as timelines

Ritsumeikan University Art Research Center Performing Arts Research Article Index

eKokuhou for images of national treasures and cultural properties from Japanese museums

Tokyo National Museum Image Search for the museum's artifacts and art

The Japanese Garden by Bowboin College with extensive photography of famous gardens

Japanese Animated Film Classics for old Japanese animation, many with subtitles

Inkan Search for Edo Period seals

JCastle with modern photographs and maps of Japanese castles

NengoCalc for quickly converting era names to Western dates and vice-versa


Fun Things

Popular History of Japan video

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