The East Asian Law Group

The East Asian Law Group meets to translate materials pertaining to the history of Japanese law. Members of the group began by translating The History of Law in Japan, Through Historical Sources edited by Murakami Kazuhiro and Nishimura Yasuhiro. This material was translated for use in our East Asian Law course, Hist 377, in the History and Culture of Law program, shared by the Law School and the History Department.

Introductory Course Presentation

Introduction to The History of Law in Japan

Chapter One: What Were the Ritsuryô Laws, and the Place of Classical Law in Japan

Chapter Two: Interpreting Ritsuryô Law and Legal Specialists

Chapter Three: The Judicial Formulary of 1232 and Medieval Law

Chapter Four: The Legal World in the Medieval Age

Chapter Eight: From Trial by Ordeal ( kukada chi) to Boiling Water Pledges ( yukishô)

Chapter Nine: Three Claims and Three Defenses in Medieval Courts

Chapter Eighteen: The Law on Permanent Tenure for Newly-opened Rice Fields

Group Members: Joan Piggott, Dan Sherer, Nadia Kanagawa, Emily Warren