Tsuikahô 736: On kidnapping and selling people

Translated by Kaitlin Forgash

Item: Regarding kidnappers and selling people

As for the aforementioned people, they shall be punished for their crimes in accordance with the royal law. However, it is said that in the markets of Kamakura and the various provinces there are many who specialize in this business. In the various provinces, order the military governors and stewards to punish {them} without fail. In Kamakura, they should be branded on the face.

Original Text 原文

一 勾引人、々売事


Kundoku 訓読

一 勾引人ひとかどい人売ひとうりの事


Modern 現代語訳

ー 誘拐(ゆうかい)と人を売るものについて