Tsuikahô no Tsuika 54: Regarding wagering on sugoroku with rice fields

Translated by Chris Bovberg

[Sometime before twelfth month, 1232]

Item: Regarding wagering on sugoroku with holdings {including} rice fields

The prohibition on the crime of gambling is already strict. However, there are frequent rumors that in recent years [there are those who] not only disobey this prohibition, but also wager rice fields. Henceforth, the ban shall be obeyed. If there is any violation, it shall be immediately treated as a major crime and the wager confiscated.

Original Text 原文

一 以田地所領、為双六賭事


Kundoku 訓読


一つ 田地所領を以て、双六のかけとなす事


Modern 現代語訳