Tsuikahô 391: On street peddlers

Translated by Matthew Keller

Item: Regarding the prohibition of street peddlers 1

Those who wander around to the entrances of homes, or those who stop in the middle of busy streets, or those who sell things to people and deceive them — command the precinct magistrates that from now on they are to ban these people.

Original Text 原文

一 可停止立商人事



Kundoku 訓読

一 立商人たちあきびとを停止すべきの事


Modern 現代語

一つ 行商人を禁止すべき事について。


  1. The term translated here as “street peddler” is 立商人(たちあきびと). It appears that the bakufu wants to ban the below groups both to maintain order on the streets and to prevent people from participating trading activities which disrupt the economic order or civil order.