Tsuikahô 394: On gambling

Translated by Emily Warren

{A similar law was issued in the era of }En’ō. Motomasa 1 and Kōren 2 {served as magistrates}

Item: Concerning the prohibition on gambling:

Groups of thieves and arsonists have been emerging in great numbers. Because of this, there have been numerous strict prohibitions {against gambling}. But apparently there are still those who violate these laws. Precinct magistrates, military governors and stewards are ordered to enforce this once again. However, Go and shōgi are exempt from this ban. 3
A 17th century image of a sugoroku board. ( Creative Commons )

A 17th century image of a sugoroku board. (Creative Commons)

Original Text

一 〈延応、基政、光蓮〉可停止博奕事




Kundoku 訓読




Modern 現代語


一つ 博打を禁止すべきことについて


  1. Gotō Motomasa(1214-1267) was a shogunal commander and the eldest son of Gotō Mototsuna.

  1. Onozawa Nakazane (仲実). Priestly name Kōren (光蓮). His name appears frequently in Kamakura documents as the responsible magistrate. The Onozawa family served as personal followers (被官) of the Hojo tokuso (main line). Chūsei seiji shakai shisō, p.112.

  1. Go and shōgi were played by people of higher status and had better reputations.