Tsuikahô 309: Regarding the strict prohibition against kidnappers and selling people

Translated by Kaitlin Forgash

Regarding the strict prohibition 1 against kidnappers and selling people

As for the aforementioned people, they shall be punished in accordance with the original royal law. 2 It is said that there are many of these human traffickers in Kamakura and the markets of the various provinces. Henceforth, in Kamakura the precinct magistrates are ordered, in compliance with the register of names reported to Kamakura, to exile {these people}. In the various provinces, order the military governors to punish {the above offenders}.

Background Information: The strict prohibition was possibly from the Kenchô era.

Original Text 原文
一 可禁断勾引人并人売事



Kundoku 訓読

一 勾引人こういんにん并びに人売を禁断きんだんすべく事[建長けんちょう年中]


Modern 現代語訳

ー 誘拐(ゆうかい)と人を売ることを禁止することについて


  1. 禁断(きんだん)kindan = strictly forbidden. Nihon kokugo daijiten.

  1. The original law was promulgated by the royal court.