Tsuikahô no Tsuika 482: Concerning the ban on the killing of living things

Translated by Emily Warren

Item: concerning the ban on the killing of living things prior to the Iwashimizu Hachimangu Hōjō-e


As for the copy of the Controller Office’s directive 2 , it is as follows: you {the military governor} are to issue an order to the stewards and housemen of Kawachi, Settsu, Shinano, Kii, and Hyūga provinces to immediately put {the ban} into effect in obedience of the council directive. By this command 3 , the directive is thus.

Kōan 3rd year (1281) 7th month, 23rd day

Governor of Sagami (cypher)

To: Lord Mutsu Hikosaburō 4

  1. A memorial service where captured fish and fowl that would normally be eaten are released. Also called a “Life Release” in contemporary Buddhism.

  1. The benkan. Usually this would refer to the Council of State (daijokan), but in this case, it is the Controller’s Office.

  1. This is a shogunal order.

  1. Also called Akahashi Hisatoki (1272-1307). He was the governor of Kawachi, Settsu, and Sagami, then the Rokuhara commissioner for the northern sector, followed by various official posts.

Original Text 原文

一 石清水放生会以前殺生禁断事、官符案如此、早守符旨、可施行之由、可被下知河内、摂津、信濃、紀伊、日向国地頭御家人等之状、依仰執達如件、

 弘安三年七月廿三日  相模守 判


Kundoku 訓読

一 石清水いわしみず放生会ほうじょうえ以前いぜん殺生せっしょう禁断きんだんの事、

官符かんぷあんかくのごとし。早くの旨を守り、施行しぎょうすべきの由、河内、摂津、信濃、紀伊、日向国の地頭御家人等に下知げちせらるべきの状、仰せに依り執達しったつ件の如し。  弘安三年(1281)七月廿三日  相模の守 判   陸奥むつ彦三郎ひこさぶろう殿〈諸国の守護人同前〉

Modern 現代語

一つ    石清水八幡宮の放生会の直前の殺生を禁断することについて


弘安三年七月廿三日  相模の守 判