2019 USC-Meiji University Exchange Schedule

Friday 11/2 

1:00 Greetings and Introductions Professors Piggott & Sasaki

1:15 Dr. Sachiko Kawai, How to Make Premodern Japanese History More Global

1:45 Ms. Marie Sakurada, The Empress in Ancient Japan

Discussion 2:15-2:30


2:45 Mr. Jesse Drian, Distant Travels of Local Gods

3:15 Prof. Atsushi Makino, Women and Buddhism in Medieval Japan

Discussion 3:45-4:00


4:15 Prof. Ken’ichi Sasaki, The Adoption of Horse-riding in Kofun Japan

4:45 Mr. Shôhei Dôi, Craftsmanship, and the Production and Distribution of Pottery for Mortuary Rituals

Discussion 5:15-5:45

Saturday 11/3

1:00 Prof. Nakamura Tomokazu, The Terms Uji, Kabane, and Shizoku—Changing Meanings Through Time

1:30 Mr. Shôdai Satodate, The Koseki System, Diachronic Diffusion and Adoption

Discussion 2:00–2:15


2:30 Prof. Joan Piggott, Reading Ruins—District Offices in the Ritsuryô Realm 

3:00 Ms. Emily Warren, A Guide to Royal Eating in Late Heian Times, the Chûjiruiki

Discussion 3:30-3:45


4:00 Prof. Itô Ujitaka, Japanism and Music, Why Japanese Music Was Not Well Accepted

4:30 Ms. Jillian Barndt, Fujiwara no Yorinaga’s Book List of 1143

Discussion 5:00-5:15