Conference Schedule: 4th Annual Meeting of the Meiji University-USC Exchange

4th Annual Meeting of the Meiji University-USC Exchange


Meiji-USC Research Exchange,  November 29 - December 1, 2012

Visitors from Meiji University, Tokyo, will join scholars and students from the University of Southern California and the University of California, Santa Barbara, in a research exchange meeting on November 29 and December 1 at the USC campus.  On November 30, participants will have the chance to attend a workshop on Japanese Buddhist nuns, also at USC.

Note: Some talks with be presented in Japanese, and some will be in English.

Thursday, November 29, 11-1 & 2:30-5:30   (Music Library, Doheny Library)

11:00 Welcome, Prof. Joan Piggott, Project for Premodern Japan Studies & Prof. William Deverell, Chair of the USC History Department

11:15Prof. Ujitaka Itô, Meiji U,  “Higuchi Ichiyô, Perspectives”

12:15Dr. Anri Yasuda, USC, “Gender in Japanese Literature in Translation: Discussing Differences in Different Contexts”

2:30Ms. Luman Wang, USC, “The Contingent Business Relationship that Soured: Shanxi Piaohao and the Qing Dyasty, 1850s-1911”

3:30Ms. Fumi Ishimura, Meiji U, “My Experience Studying American Archaeology in Japan”

4:30Prof. Ken’ichi Sasaki, Meiji U, “Archaeological Investigations into the Omuro Cairn and Burial Mound Group in the Central Highlands of Japan, 5-7th c.”

Saturday, December 1, 11-1 & 2:00-5:30(SOS 250)

11:00 Prof. Tokuharu Kamitaka, Meiji U, “On Kundoku”

12:00Dr. Janet Goodwin, USC, “A Report on the PPJS international conference, ‘Reassessing the Shôen System, Society and Economy in Medieval Japan’”

2:00Ms. Nadia Kanagawa, USC, “A Chronology and Glossary for Shôen Studies”

3:00Mr. Dan Sherer, USC, “Considering Evil Bands (Akutô) at Ôbe no shô”

3:45Mr. Travis Seifman, University of California Santa Barbara, “Ryukyuan Embassy Processions: A 1710 Edo-nobori Scroll”

4:30 Prof. Joan Piggott, USC, Moving Forward, a PPJS Report