2019 Kambun Workshop: Fujiwara Yorinaga in His Own Words

This summer's Kambun Workshop at the University of Southern California will focus on reading selections from the late Heian Taiki courtier journal of Fujiwara Yorinaga (1120-56), son of the viceroy Tadazane. Some  related documentary materials will be read as well, according to interests of members of the workshop. Yorinaga's leadership at court was a significant cause of the Hôgen rebellion of 1156. 

Professor Yosuke Onoe of the University of Tokyo Historiographical Institute whose work on the journal is well known will lead this summer's workshop with Professor Joan Piggott of the USC Project for Premodern Japan Studies (PPJS). Participants will need to have had at least an introductory course in Kambun. The workshop will be conducted in Japanese. Dates for the month-long program are July 15 to August 9. Applications are due February 25. Housing in a USC campus apartment will be available. 

Please see the PPJS website for more details and an application form. Costs for tuition and housing will be $3210. Some financial support will be available. Questions can be directed to Professor Piggott at joanrp@usc.edu

The 2019 Kambun Workshop Application should be emailed to joanrp@usc.edu